the mixing is fucking amazing on this as well

They strike a good balance between more poppy, catchy songs, and those with emphasis on atmosphere.

A A D D A A D D A A D D I'm thinking too much again A A I can't sleep D Dmaj7 It's 4 am A A D Dmaj7 I got to be in somewhere tomorrow A A D D I don't wanna go out tomorrow A A Dmaj7 Dmaj7 I' 4am by girl in red, released 04 April 2018 im thinking too much again i cant sleep its 4am i gotta be somewhere tomorrow i dont wanna go out tomorrow im thinking too much again how my life will end i have to live tomorroww UGHH i dont wanna live tomorrow im thinking too much again i cant sleep its 4am i gotta be somewhere tomorrow i dont wanna go out tomorrow

released April 4, 2018

The latest from Singapore’s Subsonic Eye is a gorgeous slice of sunny dreampop, with sparkling guitars & bright melodies. This compilation is a good cross-section of indie and lo-fi tunes from the community of the UK-based independent label. ILWAG is one of the most talented chillwave artists out there. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. The songs are brilliantly crafted and very distinguishable from each other, while still maintaining cohesiveness. Clever, dreamy, wistful, this album has it all. supported by If you like girl in red, you may also like:

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Lyrics to '4Am' by girl in red.

I'm thinking too much again I can't sleep, it's 4 am I got to be in somewhere tomorrow I don't wanna go out tomorrow girl in red "girls": I've been hiding for so long But these feelings, they're not gone Can I tell anyone?

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