As she boats away, Norman is delighted to reel in an enormous rainbow trout, but insists it is not Walter. Refusing to listen to Harry's instructions, Johnson loses a rod and reel belonging to Harry. Gekko grants Bud a five-minute meeting, during which the young stockbroker recommends several investments that Gekko rejects as “dogs.” However, Gekko perks up when Bud mentions Bluestar Airlines, a small company about to receive a favorable ruling in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigation, that will allow it to expand its business. Exit visas, which are necessary to leave the country, are at a premium, so when two German couriers carrying letters of transit signed by General DeGaulle are murdered and the letters stolen, German Major Strasser and Louis Renault, the prefecture of police, are eager to find the documents.

The next day, Elliott feigns illness so he can stay home while his mother goes to work and his siblings attend school. On the day of Miss Casswell's audition, Margo shows up late and encounters Addison in the lobby of the theater. Elaine sees her parents' anger toward Ben, and realizing what their influence has done, she fights off her mother and Carl and races to Ben. Szell asks Babe multiple times, “Is it safe?” After Babe responds that he has no idea what Szell is talking about, Szell examines Babe’s teeth with a metal scraper and asks again, “Is it safe?” Babe doesn’t answer, and Szell tortures him with the dental instrument. The List: 48. On the way, she throws herself down a hill in an attempt to abort her baby. Make your lives extraordinary. Jerry nervously confesses that he cannot marry him, declaring that he is not a natural blonde, smokes, has lived in sin and cannot bear children, but Osgood remains cheerfully undaunted. Wizard tells Travis to stop worrying and promises he will be okay. Later, at the Fourth of July party, Joe and Marian also celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, and Marian shares a dance with Shane. Rick is taken aback when he sees Ilsa, whom he knew in Paris. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article He begins to pummel Rocky, and when Rocky manages to back Creed up against the ropes, Creed breaks his nose. When Joe notices that none of the bedroom doors have locks, Max explains that Norma's bouts of melancholy are often followed by suicide attempts. Dorothy rushes home greatly concerned, but a cyclone's approach causes her difficulty, and by the time she gets to the farm, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry and the three farmhands have entered the storm cellar.

Afterward, Annie is embarrassed, believing that the crowd hated her. It is raining when Saruman’s forces reach the base of Helm’s Deep and the battle begins. He sees her drop his wedding ring, then recalls being shot. Incredulous that a bank would hire an infirm guard, Sonny leaves Howard to the tellers’ ministrations while he and Mulvaney block off the bank’s back entrance with a large piece of furniture. Tony pushes the assassin off the balcony, and sees throngs of men invading his property. Evelyn then says that the girl is her sister and implies that she condoned Hollis' affair because she wanted him to be happy. She confesses her love to Joe, and he admits he wants her, too. Arbogast uncovers Norman’s lie, however, and after Norman admits that Marion was at the motel, the detective appears to accept his statement that she left early in the morning. As neighbors gather around Joey’s body, his distraught sister Edie accuses parish priest Father Barry of hiding behind the church and not helping the neighborhood break free from the mob’s grip. Sosa’s men wire a bomb to the journalist’s car, but when Tony sees that the journalist is accompanied by his wife and child, he orders them to call off the hit. Seeing that he is too drunk to manage the team, Dottie takes over and assigns field positions. Travis shoots Sport and enters the nearby building where Iris sees clients. It is, Rick says, "the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Although Curtin lies about his business, Cody follows him to the camp site and suggests that they make him a partner. Meanwhile, Big Ed takes advantage of Cody's absence to take over the gang. However, the Hobbits are lost in the hills and the ring’s dark magic is wearing Frodo down, physically and mentally. Joe is knocked out, and aware that she will not see Shane again, Marian says a grateful goodbye. She telephones her apartment, unaware that the Terminator has already killed both Ginger and Matt.

Viper claims that Maverick is a lot like his father, but is a better pilot. Annie defends Mann and convinces the majority of the crowd to side with her before Ray drags her out of the meeting, announcing that he has had an epiphany. After Hector escapes through a window, Tony follows him outside and shoots him dead in the crowded street. The gold streak thins out and the men leave the camp. Covered in blood, he finds Elvira in the bedroom and tells her to pack her things and join him. During dinner, the boy insists that the alien he saw was real, despite the skepticism from his mother, brother, and younger sister, Gertie.

Loretta then drives Johnny to the airport, where he is leaving to visit his dying mother in Sicily, Italy. Taking Shirl to the bedroom, Thorn reveals that Simonson was murdered and Shirl discloses that Simonson had recently taken her to a church where he prayed with a priest. Babcock berates Mame for ruining his carefully laid plans for Patrick, but Mame says she could not watch her nephew be “shut in a safe-deposit box.” Patrick simply thanks her and, years later, watches with his wife Pegeen as Mame lures their entranced son Michael through “open doors” he “never dreamed existed.” The next day, before the guests leave for a hunting party, Moose, who suspects the truth about Rosa's relationship with Latimer, warns her that Latimer will not want her when he learns that she is pregnant. Well here's the first half of AFI's 100 Movie Quotes :).

Upon learning about an abortionist called Mama Caleba, Tibbs visits the woman and is still with her when Delores arrives, accompanied by the actual father of her child, diner counterman Ralph Henshaw.

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