He is currently a college student from Montreal, Canada and works in graphic design on the side. In the screenshot below we got an extra few bonus points for coming away with the victory. It has a little less mobility which can make a pretty big difference when playing at a pro level, but it has a little more range so that helps make up some of the difference. Click the area of the main menu we’ve circled below to find where to claim them.Weekly challenges can be found by scrolling to the right in this menu.

Use our apex legends stats tracker to see who is the best in the world. After him telling me this, I noticed that even though the game has only been out for a month, all of the top ten players have played well over a thousand games. Stats, leaderboards, best weapons, maps winrates, matches played, modes comparison and more. So if you include loading times, this means that all of them have been playing at least 50 hours a week.So getting to the top requires good loadouts, good teammates, skill and a lot of grinding. Advanced Stats Tracker for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Fuze says he doesn’t have set attachments for this gun because he likes to change them based on how he is feeling that day, but he usually chooses some of the attachments I have already mentioned. Fuze reduced the opacity of all his buttons to around 20%, which is similar to the suggestion I gave in a previous video. mobile_slayer Profile Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stats. You can see leaderboards for combat, score and team play, including stats such as kills per minute, head shot accuracy and seasonal win stats. I have already given you guys hundreds of tips and tricks for this game, but today these tips and tricks are coming straight from the pros.My last two videos for Call of Duty Mobile are doing really well, which is making me some friends in the COD Mobile community. For those of you who don’t know where to find good teammates, I covered that in my last video with advanced tips and tricks for this game.After you find loadouts that work best for your playstyle and teammates that work well together, Fuze says it also requires a lot of grinding to get to the top. This weapon is a favorite among a lot of pros for midrange maps, where the sniper rifle is still difficult to use, but an SMG doesn’t have quite the range you need to have a competitive advantage.The base version of this rifle is unlocked when you hit Level 60, but you can get an even better version of this gun earlier than that by buying it in the free-to-play section of the shop for 3000 credits.

I have put a link to my discord below. Thanks for taking part!Finn-ish your enemies off at range with the new LMG. Here’s our guide to raising your Call of Duty: Mobile ranking for both. COD stat traker for Warzone and Modern Warfare One of those friends is a player named Fuze who was ranked third in the leaderboards at the time I started making this video. Read on to get all the details on Ranked mode, then start collecting bigger rewards. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts STAGE 3B: REGIONAL QUALIFIERS (PLAYERS WHO QUALIFIED FOR STAGE 3B ONLY) Stage 3B of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 is comprised of a Regional Qualifier hosted on GameBattles for each eligible region. He also chooses the perks dead silence and ghost to make sure he never shows up on someone else’s radar. You’ll probably have completed a few of these already if you’ve just been playing - they’re basic tasks like ‘kill 2 enemies in Battle Royale’ and ‘Earn 15 medals in Multiplayer matches’. After that, he recommends using the foregrip so it is easier to keep your crosshairs locked onto your enemies. tl;dr 1 - I interview Fuze who was ranked 3rd in CODM. You will notice that in all of them he uses a normal grenade and the trophy system for his grenade slots. If you’re looking for more COD: Mobile help, check out our Comments on this article are now closed. And imma use the tactical scope cus fuck you rules.All outfits/clothing is either earned, paid for, or earned and paid for.So it depends on which clothing you were talking aboutOne shot kill weapon and pros in the same sentence? So, being able to lock onto your enemy half a second faster than your enemy can lock onto you is the difference between killing or being killed. Fuze uses the same attachments and same perks as he does for the MSMC, except you will notice that he doesn’t select any scopes and replaces the Fast Mag for the Stock. So this is his favorite loadout which he calls the “Ghost Class” and he selects it almost anytime he is playing on large maps like crossfire, takeoff, etc.For smaller maps, Fuse’s second favorite loadout includes the MSMC which makes sense, because it is one of the submachine guns with the highest DPS in the game. Learn Profile stats for this COD player. Please remember that it is difficult for me to get traction when I start covering new games. The Red Action version cost money, but the normal version is still really good and you unlock it at an early level. So here we are with our guide to give you guys tips on ranking system and ranking up fast in the game. Tracker.gg provides Apex Legends stats, as well as global and regional leaderboards for players around the world. Liking, subscribing, and sharing my CODM videos makes a huge difference. This weapon has a beautiful blend of DPS, accuracy, range, and mobility, making it the perfect choice for maps that you are playing for the first time. Hope that helps. He plays on an iPad, and explained that by using four or more fingers to play allows you an increased capability that others will not have.Here is his settings layout, keep in mind he is right handed.

On this gun, Fuze recommends the red dot sight because it is the only scope that doesn’t mess with your peripheral vision. My last two videos for Call of Duty Mobile are doing really well, which is making me some friends in the COD Mobile community. If you play a ranked game on Battle Royale or Multiplayer, keep an eye out for the letter icon on the main menu - you’ll find cosmetics and crates as rewards here.That’s all for our ranking up guide! All you need to know about ranking up in Call of Duty: Mobile's Battle Pass and standard game modes. Then he selects the toughness perk which pairs well with the foregrip attachment.

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