EV données : 2 Att. Excadrill is a powerful attacker in the 1v1 metagame due to its well-rounded stats, great typing, and access to the game changing ability Mold Breaker. Excadrill suffers greatly from the presence of Landorus-T, as the two share many similarities and their few differences make the latter a more reliable pick on most teams.

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Firstly, with a high base 135 Attack and an ability that doubles its decent base 88 Speed in sandstorm, Excadrill is a terrifying sweeper.


Not only does Excadrill become one of the fastest Pokemon in the game in sand but also it can take advantage of two very powerful spread moves, Earthquake and Rock Slide.

Groupe d'œuf : Terrestre. Excadrill can also function decently as a sand sweeper—the only viable one in the metagame— that can be deadly when played well against offensive teams, thanks to its respectable power, good Speed, and useful typing, offering it resistances to Extreme Speed and Moonblast, even though its bulk is rather poor. Excadrill is one of the best Pokemon in the tier. Minotaupe (Excadrill) Ajouter à mon équipe #529 Rototaupe.

Talent caché : Brise Moule. While having what it needs, Excadrill's shallow movepool makes it highly predictable, and this makes playing against Excadrill far easier than other Steel-types.

Excadrill has had a wild ride since its inception in BW. Reuniclus enjoys Excadrill's ability to handle Pokemon that trouble it, mainly Jirachi, Tyranitar, and opposing Excadrill, to facilitate a Calm Mind sweep.


Excadrill works best when these threats and Pokemon immune to Ground are weakened or removed so that it can spam Earthquake freely. 252

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0 Swords Dance is the icing on the cake, pumping Excadrill's already high Attack stat to insane levels. Excadrill serves two main roles in the Uber tier.

Its Sand Rush ability made Excadrill the first true offensive sand sweeper, allowing it to outspeed the entire unboosted metagame, and nearly any Pokemon with a single boost! Choice Scarf Excadrill is mainly a late-game cleaner and revenge killer, as it lacks the power that Life Orb Excadrill has and can find itself stopped by common bulky threats such as Hippowdon and Mega Scizor. Leftovers is an option that allows Excadrill to check the likes of Tapu Koko and Clefable more consistently, as well as keeping it out of the range of priority like Mega Mawile 's Sucker Punch after taking chip damage. Sol. Steelium Z provides Excadrill with a 160-Base Power one-time nuke, allowing a +2 Excadrill to overwhelm bulky Pokemon like Landorus-T, Tangrowth, and Gliscor. Excadrill, meanwhile, can act as a backup Reuniclus switch-in and handle most Steel-types that may give Tyranitar a hard time based on its coverage. Reuniclus enjoys Excadrill's ability to handle Pokemon that trouble it, mainly Jirachi, Tyranitar, and opposing Excadrill, to facilitate a Calm Mind sweep. Talent 2 : Force Sable.

Sadly, this leaves Excadrill reliant on sand, a field effect that only has one viable setter in Tyranitar. Talent 1 : Baigne Sable.

Earthquake acts as a powerful STAB move that allows Excadrill to OHKO Duraludon , Aegislash , and Galarian Weezing . Excadrill is the king of the sand in Doubles, thanks to its amazing abilities, good typing, ability to fire off powerful STAB Earthquakes, and huge Attack stat.

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