In the late 19th century the Quarter became a less fashionable part of town, and many immigrants from southern Italy and Ireland settled there. American culture made slow inroads, largely owing to the arrival of 10,000 refugees of the French and Haitian Revolutions and Napoleonic wars. A major problem during the first few years was flooding.The chance for visitors to get to see this living treasure is wonderful.

However, there must be a way to accommodate both the tourist AND the attraction.

The 1900 birth of jazz in nearby Storyville nurtured musical legends Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden, King Oliver, Bunk Johnson, Nick LaRocca, and other jazz and ragtime greats. The “glorious victory” of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, led by Indian fighter and future president Andrew Jackson over numerically superior British forces, fixed loyalty to the American nation.

To trace the key developments in the Fren… As a registered “National Historic Landmark” the French Quarter has secured an important role in our nation’s history.To trace the key developments in the French Quarter over the last nearly 300 years, here are some of the more significant dates/decades in its history:He and his crew of 80 cleared enough cane growth and dense cypress forest to build one large warehouse and about 100 crude log huts haphazardly scattered along three streets near the riverfront. Bienville served as governor for financier John Law’s Company of the Indies, which in naming the city for the Regent Duc d’Orleans sought to curry Court favor before failing spectacularly in the “Great Mississippi Bubble.” The French Period legacy endures in the town plan and central square, church of St. Louis, Ursuline Convent and women’s education, ancien regime street names such as Bourbon and Royal, the charity hospital, and a mixed legacy of Creole culture, Mardi Gras, and the important effects of African enslavement combined with a tolerant approach to free persons of color.In 1762 the indifferent Louis XV transferred Louisiana to his Bourbon cousin Charles III of Spain.

The 1803 Louisiana Purchase, signed within the elegant salon of the Cabildo, transferred... Civil War to WPA. Its population has varied from 470 people to as many as 11,000. In 1905, the Italian consul estimated that one-third to one-half of the Quarter’s population were Italian-born or second generation Italian-Americans. American, Irish, German, African and “Foreign French” immigrants swelled the population, creating a heterogeneous matrix of culture, language, religion and cuisine.Civil War and Reconstruction, played out politically on the streets of the French Quarter, put an end to prosperity and inaugurated a tug of war between reform and machine factions as the Old Square declined. In 1762 the indifferent Louis XV transferred Louisiana to his Bourbon cousin Charles III of Spain. Emboldened by a period of Spanish vacillation in taking power, Francophile colonists staged a revolution in 1768, summarily squelched by Alejandro O’Reilly with a firing squad at the Esplanade fort. By 1960, with traditional jazz in decline, Preservation Hall emerged to serve beleaguered musicians. By now most of the original French families, the Italian and Sicilian families, the artists and writers have left, largely due to rising rent and real estate costs. The French Quarter is the only intact French Colonial and Spanish settlement remaining in the United States. Spanish rule lasted for four decades, imparting a legacy of semi-fortified streetscapes, common-wall plastered brick houses, and walled courtyards used as gardens and utility spaces with separate servants’ quarters and kitchens. After the Louisiana Purchase. By 1920 the legacy of a storied past first celebrated by George Washington Cable and Lafcadio Hearn in the 1880s attracted writers and artists in increasing numbers. Stories of ghosts, vampires, and voodoo queens in the French Quarter of New Orleans abound, and many tour operators in the Crescent City offer walking tours of the haunted places. Even before the Civil War, French Creoles had become a minority in the French Quarter. Creoles moved to Esplanade and later Uptown, and famine-driven Sicilian immigrants found cramped lodging in the grand spaces of French Quarter mansions of the 1890s. Brief History of the French Quarter The “Spanish” Quarter. She also has written Jacques-Felix Lelièvre’s New Louisiana Gardener and Grand Isle of the Gulf – An Early History. The stories stem from New Orleans' very real horrific past (the slave trade, floods, disease epidemics, the Civil War, barbaric medical practices) and the sometimes creepy buildings that bore witness to this history. Images of light-skinned slave children fascinated Northern visitors and were used as propaganda during the Civil War. A 1979 study determined that light skin color added 5% sale value to a slave, but only if she was female.. By slipping through the cracks between Creole French and American English societies, slaves could escape just hundreds of feet away from their ex-owners’ homes.

The French Quarter is the only intact French Colonial and Spanish settlement remaining in the United States. Olive oil cooking and graceful wrought iron balconies, hinges and locks in curvilinear shapes, and strong vestiges of civil law remain from the Spanish presence. Hear stories about life in New Orleans during and after the Union occupation and how the city escaped the devastation of other southern cities. Residents dug in to preserve the quaint and distinctive character of the old Quarter as art galleries and antique stores sprouted on Royal Street and brassy Dixieland-style jazz flourished in Bourbon Street nightclubs and strip joints. William Faulkner, Sherwood Anderson, Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote were among American writers attracted to the French Quarter for its freewheeling urbanism, quaint surroundings and creative stimulus, even as the building stock declined.Nineteen thirty-six marked the onset of regulatory controls in the form of the state-sanctioned Vieux Carré Commission.

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