Typically seen with a big ass light machine gun, the enemy is usually forced into submission by the constant stream of bullets. After the Unstable Warpgates phase, the continent enters the Warpgates Charging phase. These are more likely to remain stationary as they go about their jobs, making life easier for you as you aim for their heads.Don’t forget to spot targets, including enemy vehicles and incoming reinforcements. Use it to finish off damaged enemies who are next to you22. You can also charge the shots for more damageThe lancer is not hitscan. But there’s so much competition for that Power slot (or, in the case of Arbalest, Exotic) that I rarely find reason to use them.
Planetside 2 is a free-to-play game, and new guns and toys are are expensive, either in time, or Station Cash. Some weapons have underbarrel attachments (like smoke launchers or shotguns). This will set you back 1000 cert points or 700 station cash. For certain directives (such as weapon kills) the progress continues into the next tier even if you haven't reached that tier yet1. You can redeploy to Koltyr VR from anywhere at anytime.

Hopefully that will help your decision when it comes to spending those all important resources.Because you have the ability to heal yourself and your shields regenerate naturally, Flak Armour can be quite useful for those pesky grenades and rockets. Power launchers may not be so hot in PVP, but they remain great boss damage dealers. Looking over the NSX Naginata now that it's soaked on the Live server for a while. You can repair vehicles from the rumble seat (for flashes, harassers, and valkyries)9. Some argue that the LC2 Lynx is an upgrade, but I would argue it’s more of a sidegrade. For a summary of the possible rewards you could receive, see Iridar's 1. Left, right, left, right, left, right is predictable and your enemy can guess your next position. Downtime is expected to last up to 4 hours. It costs either 1000 cert points or 700 station cash.You’re going to be in the firing line with this loadout, so the extra health is always a welcome addition. Nobody uses this/yell or /y: Cross-faction chat that can be seen by everyone in the region/region or /re: Like yell chat but only your faction can see it/tell or /t : Private message a player/r (or press backspace): Reply to the player who last sent you a private message/leader or /l: you can only use this as a squad/platoon leader and only other squad/platoon leaders across the entire faction can see it4. Will try to remember next time.For light assault, learn what the slingshot maneuver is and how to do it.Basically, coming off a jump pad, you can change direction and keep your momentum.
Ammo packs can be thrown at the wheels of vehicles to move them slightly when they are stuck but does not work very well1. The list reflects the meta as of August 2020 — I’ll update it in the future to reflect buffs and nerfs down the line. Your most important task is keeping that damn Sunderer alive, and you’re going to have a very fun time doing so. Burst fire your weapons because if you don't, you will lose accuracy over time and your bullets will miss even if you are pointing your reticle right at the enemy2. These medals give certs as a reward. If you prefer a three round burst variant of the TRAC-5, lay down the 100 certs or 250 station cash.This suit slot is key to this loadout, which is all themed around defending a base from infiltration. Might not sound like much, but each magazine for the T7 Mini-Chaingun holds a hundred rounds, and can be upgraded to hold even more.

Use them to … You should purchase and equip the darklight flashlight on your secondary weapon since you will most likely use the same secondary weapon across all the classes and it frees up the attachment slot on your primary weapon5. The Structure Shield Module can be activated by pressing E on it to provide temporary invulnerability to structures under its influence7. Ever notice that you need to spam B to deploy a sunderer? You can also kick individual people by pressing the X beside their name3. Stay away from doorways and don't get too close to walls or anywhere where someone can easily drop C4 on youLockdown (TR): you become immobile for increased bullet velocity and reload speedAegis Shield (NC): basically a riot shield that blocks all damageZealot Overdrive Engine (VS): increases damage and movement speed but also increases damage taken4. The percentage territory control shown on the map screen can be different than the one shown on the Tab menu because some of the newer bases (like vehicle capture point bases) are not factored in properly (I believe the one on the map screen is the accurate one)7. You can enter vehicles through shields and some walls. Hand cannons are still very powerful, but now that auto rifles define the meta, they see a little less use.You’re probably not reaching for these weapons when the chips are down, but they’re serviceable nonetheless.The heyday of the Recluse is now long-past, and SMGs are a shadow of their former selves in With the rise of auto rifles in the Crucible, shotgun charging has fallen in popularity. /squad promoteme sends a request to the squad leader to promote you to squad leader5. You can speed up gravity lifts by holding space and slow down by crouching7. DC Cost: 499 . Thanks to clientside, you could imagine your character as having an image which lags behind you by a split second (like a ghost in racing games). The more anti-personnel explosives you have, the more entrances you can cover to make your life easier the more focused you can be.These guys are the bread and butter of the front line, effective at murdering anything that moves. With the new addition of SMG’s, they are now deadly if they can close the ground on their prey, quickly dispatching them with a few rounds and a slash of their knife.Find your closest firefight, preferably one that’s over a base. Placing a construction object while cloaked will freeze it without placing it allowing you to verify that it is where you want it to be. You can shoot the rockets downLancer VS22 (VS): Fires a laser beam that instantly hits what you're pointing at because of the high bullet velocity and pinpoint accuracy while ADS. Always throw your ammo pack as it is helpful for teammates and a good source of certs4. As lead, hold Q over points or generators to set them as objectives.

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