It is very strong and requires recharge after a use so ONLY use it when you NEED to.Roserade gets Petal Dance because it is a strong Grass type move. Then as for status moves there are two main viable sets. It is also really powerful but does recoil damage to you.

Das wichtigste im Pokemon-Spiel ist ein gutes Team. Also it has the ability intimdate which can be pretty useful when dealing with physical attackers like Cynthia's Garchomp. Aura-sphere is STAB and very useful for getting the occasional Double team Pokemon. Roost is good option if you want recovery, as Altaria is very bulky and can take hits well. Für dein Ziel w… and the move sets are good as well. Brave Bird hits like a truck and it's Staraptor's strongest STAB. In mein Team gehört unter anderem ein Milotic mit der Fähigkeit Unbeugsamkeit. Dig is just here as a filler spot. Leaf Storm or Frenzy Plant can be used if you want a really powerful move and want to make use of Torterra's Sp. Protect or Substitute can be used for more scouting as well. © 2006–2017. Dark Pulse is a STAB Dark type move and is also a strong move. Sludge Bomb is powerful Poison STAB. Ice fang is the last move for Floatzel and it keeps away Grass types and does well against those annoying Flying types you will have to use a heart scale, except there are soo many locations on YouTube to find them.

Another option is Rain Dance+Thunder, which also benefits a switch to Gastrodon and Bronzong.Any nature which lowers attack at the benefit of another stat is ideal here, preferably Timid or Modest. Earthquake is also STAB and a great move to have. i can't think of a good move to replace cut on roserade, so i'll think of one. Flamethrower is an interesting and unexpected move on Octillery and is quite fun. But that feels like overkill to me.Infernape (Starter) NOTE: Make sure you have a Monferno before the 1st gymInferape is the best stater for Sinnoh as it can handle 4 of the gyms and Aaron single handedly as well as having a much better speed stat than the other starters. Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Platinum on this thread! Roserade is another option, but training Budew can be annoying, and Tangela doesn't have that issue, making it better in my opinion, but Roserade is still great.While Weavile has a few weaknesses (including a 4x weakness to Fighting), her great movepool and good stats means it can cover a lot of those weaknesses. Sludge Bomb is a strong STAB move and is Poison type. Crunch offers powerful coverage. Surf is strong Water STAB and a useful HM. Iron Tail is a TM that Houndoom can learn, but just be aware of its accuracy.This little mouse is a beast for Electric type Pokémon. Shadow Claw takes out annoying ghost types and covers it's psychic weakness.Staraptor is the best flyer for Sinnoh as it is extremely fast and hits very hard - it's intimidate ability is useful too. If you want to know heart scale locations, just look them up on YouTube they are EVERYWHERE. Dragon Pulse can be used if you want another STAB and if you want to make use of Altaria's Sp. I chose Close Combat over Mach Punch because 1 Infernape is already really fast, and Close Combat is just more reliable and you learn it upon evolution. This is your main guy for defeating the Ice gym and the Bug E-4.Gengar gets T-bolt Alakazam gets Shock-wave. Power Gem and Flash Cannon are both great STAB moves, Stealth Rock means this Pokémon is a great lead and can Stealth Rock actually helped out a lot and Thunder Wave made up for his bad speed and helped me catch Pokémon.

Energy Ball can be used to counter Water types that would otherwise resist its moveset, and also make it a Ground type destroyer. You can use the Pokemon Daycare in Solaceon town to make things easier on yourself, however.And there you have it folks. Stone Edge is for coverage, nailing all of Torterra's weaknesses for SE damage. Thunder Punch covers two dangerous weaknesses in Water and Flying.Look for a Jolly or Adamant nature if you have the patience. Crunch is for coverage against Ghost and Psychic types, and just for another move to use I guess. Close Combat is to deal with bulky rock and steel types because it's other moves can't counter those typings.Gyarados (Route 204) (Old Rod - west of Jubilife City)Gyarados is just an amazing Pokemon and it's stats back it up - it has amazing attack and bulk. If you choose Piplup as your starter replace Floatzel for Roserade.I personally love Platinum, and have beat the Elite 4 multiple times. This move also works well against Cynthia's Garchomp. Willst du den Gegner sweepen mit einem Drachentanz? Attack stat. (Please don't say trading! Also X-Scissor is does good damage so we might as well use it.Pokemon: Torterra,Gallade,Houndoom,Magnezone,Staraptor,GarchompTorterra: Wood hammer,earthquake,synthesis,stealth rock.Wood hammer:Because it does great physical damage synthesis will take back all damage done from recoil.Gallade: Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Reflect, Ice Punch (Or Stone edge)Psycho cut: Is Gallades signature move and gallade is bad on SP. If you want a good fighting type for plaything through Platinum without having to choose Chimchar, then Gallade is your best bet.You certainly CAN do that, but why would you when there are so many better Pokemon you can use without having to grind?Patient people can grind anything, including Gallade. Flare-blitz is very strong stab.

Dann werde Teil unseres Infernape gets Flamethrower because it is a strong STAB move and although Flamethrower is a special move, Infernape is a mixed attacker. Surf is there just for sheer power, along with his STAB move. You can choose Blizzard, stronger and has less accuracy, but gotten earlier in the game; or you can use Ice Beam, a strong Ice type move, which is a bit weaker, better accuracy but is found later in the game. If you don't want Thunderwave your other option I guess is Giga Impact. Psychic can be used if you want to hit Fighting types with super-effective damage. Lucario boasts amazing offense stats with 110 base Attack and 115 base Special Attack, along with a solid base 90 Speed.

The rest is coverage.

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